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Family Photo Album


Here at Digital Transfer Pros, we worry about your videotapes, slides and old films. I know it might seem silly but we really do. This is why we got into this business. We know your media has a shelf life, which is getting shorter and shorter by the day. Once those formats are gone, you cannot get them back and we hate seeing that happen.

I personally started doing transfers back about 25 years ago when I had a few friends who lost everything in to wildland fires. Nothing was more disturbing to me than knowing that they not only lost their home and business but all of their photos and films. They could always get a new house and business but they were the only keepers of the photos and film in their family and all of it was lost, forever.

I had a firefighter come to me after another wildland fire decimated a large area, including his home. He had with him a box of film that he found in his garage that burned down (while he was saving other people's homes). They were in a charred metal box and it was truly a miracle that they survived!

If you don't use Digital Transfer Pros, that's OK but don't put this off. They all need your attention. So, if you can only do a little at a time, do the videos first. They are actually more vulnerable than the film, slides and photos. Then work on the old reel to reel film (8mm, Super 8mm and 16mm) and then the photos and slides and negatives. When you do transfer them, make a copy and send it to a relative or friend in another state. Or save them to the Cloud. Always have a duplicate. Here at Digital Transfer Pros we can convert your precious memories and make you duplicates!

I am excited to announce that we now have on board an excellent animator and special effects guru. He specializes in corporate animations and if you or someone you know is looking for that, then this is the place to get one of the best in the business.

I, or our animator would be happy to talk to you about your project, so give us a call.

Robyn Adams Young-Owner


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